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STEAM Kidstitute is committed to delivering fun, artistic, brain stimulating, creative, hands-on programming to enhance youth lives.  We thrive on building youths self-eSTEAM


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are the core of who we are.  In our ever-evolving world of technology and drive for creativity STEAM Kidstitute passion is to be a positive force in youth lives while sparking their curiosity, building confidence, fostering teamwork and developing leadership skills.  As a program that serves school-age youth ages 6 to 18 we provide a safe and creative environment for youth to develop or enhance STEAM based skills. 



Our mission is to spark curiosity, build confidence, foster teamwork, and develop leadership skills in school-age youth by using STEAM based fun, artistic, brain stimulating, hands-on programming.



To build youths self-eSTEAM!



Monday - Friday:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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Our Summer Camp programming includes  a variation of STEAM -based programs and activities as part of a summer-long camp experience.

  • Robotic Engineering

  • Poetry

  • Computer Games Coding

  • Dance

  • Build Your Own PC

  • Life Skills

  • Build Mobile Apps

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Public Speaking


         . . . . and much more



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